Fiery the Angels rose, and as they rose deep thunder roll'd
Around their shores: indignant burning with the fires of Orc
- William Blake, America A prophecy.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Gravity waves? What the hell is that?

There’s been network disruption all morning here in Southern California, because the satellites have shifted slightly in their orbits and the local cable companies had to realign their dishes. Weird.

We got service back about noon, about the same time the national TV feeds came back on. It’s the same all over the country. The world too, I guess. Everybody who came in for lunch was talking about it. A couple of them said that it has something to do with the comet, and that’s what’s causing the quakes too. Only it’s not a comet, according to John (I didn’t have time to watch the news, he kept me busy washing dishes and cleaning the walk-in cooler all day).

The Palomar pictures I saw on the tube in passing looked like a comet. Not that I’m any kind of expert or anything – they didn’t offer astronomy 101 in prison school and the Army taught me to keep my eyes on the ground. Grunts with their head in the clouds don’t last long, cops neither. Anyway, John said that the tail is pointing the wrong way, roughly towards the sun instead of away from it. It beats the shit out of me; I always thought that comet tails trailed out behind, like a girl’s hair in the wind. He just laughed at me when I said that. It’s even weirder than that though, according to John it’s too far away to even have a tail. Exactly how far away it is, even John doesn’t know because according to the eggheads up at Palomar they can’t seem to get a fix on it. First they said it was inside the orbit of Mars, then beyond Neptune. They said a bunch of other stuff too, which I caught in between stocking the counter and emptying the trash cans, something about neutrino emissions and increased gamma ray flux. Gamma rays I’ve heard of, I had NBC training in the Army, but I had to look up neutrinos in the wiki, can’t say I understand the explanation. Like I said before, it beats the shit out of me. If the eggheads don’t know what’s going on, I don’t have much chance of figuring it out. Like anything else, I suspect this will be old news in a week or two anyway. I think people are interested just because it’s something other than the endless war headlines and body counts.

Besides I’ve got more important things to worry about. I’ve got to meet with the PO tomorrow, and I’ve got to find a more permanent place to live – I found rat shit in my clean underwear this morning. It looks like the job with John is going to be OK. He doesn’t seem to hold my past against me, which is more than I can say for myself. He knows what I did, but he hasn’t asked me about it and he’s giving me time off tomorrow to find a place and go to the parole office. The job isn’t hard. Its menial labor, but a least it’s honest and there’s plenty of it. And it’s something I can do and it keeps my mind off the past, so that’s a good thing.

Damn, just had a little quake. Half a dozen glasses fell off the counter and busted all over the concrete. This is getting a little worrying, wished I could move somewhere a little more geologically stable. I guess a bunch of little ones are better than one big one though.

Back to work.

Posted by VanDerDecken at 1:22 PM

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Anonymous said...

What in hell is happening anymore? Life is changing too fast for my liking and the world is going to crap. Comet or no it's gettin near impossible to keep shelves stocked, the freezer running and I am running out of ideas to get some cash outta this place. If it wasn't for my cousin givin me a deal on this dump I wouldn't even be here.
Van's a big help though. For a guy who swaped bad breaks for worse choices he's tryin to keep his nose clean and his head in the game. His stinkin PO keeps droppin hints that he is one step away from his "old ways" but Van's bustin his butt for me and doesn't ask much and to be honest with ya I would take a guy like that in my corner over just about anybody else.
Blogs ugh, just more to think about but it's takin away from thinking about what is gonna happen next. I gotta start preparing for the worst. Already the water is gettin foul and more restricted in hours of use. Food is too scarce, customers are gettin smaller in numbers and I gotta start worrying about looters if this shit gets any worse. People just keep gettin meaner and more scared and the mobs are forming near the border again.
Posted by
John O'Malley