Fiery the Angels rose, and as they rose deep thunder roll'd
Around their shores: indignant burning with the fires of Orc
- William Blake, America A prophecy.

Confessions of an Ex-Soldier, Ex-Cop and Ex-Con


Wednesday, August 25, 2019

So they’re saying that the communications blackout had nothing to do with the Angels, apparently the Mexico City data hub overloaded and shut down. Sounds a bit coincidental to me.

We stayed up until midnight, hoping for some news. I guess Reuters got their satellite link up and running right after we turned off the set and went to bed, so we didn’t see the text of the message until this morning.

Obey the Word. Cooperate and be rewarded. Resist and be destroyed.

Two days we waited for that?

“They wanted our attention,” John said. “And they waited until they had it.”

Reuters said that there was more; private instructions, ultimatums I guess, for the heads of state, but that’s just details – the message is clear enough – and it scares me clean through.

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Elizabeth Blackwell, MD said...

Today I witnessed a miracle. I don't know what else to call it.

I'm a GP, and I also volunteer my time at the local hospice. One of my hospice patients is an older man who has stage 4 pancreatic cancer. He's been on the verge of passing for a number of days, and is in tremendous pain. I don't know him very well.

Today when I came in, he was up walking around, looking healthy, with good appetite and no pain. He indicated he felt better than he has in years. He had no explanation for what happened to him. Of course he was admitted to the hospital so his oncologist could figure out what's going on, and when I spoke to her later today, she said his CT Scan was completely clear.

I heard a couple of the hospice nurses talking, and they're saying his spontaneous remission is due to the arrival of the Angels. They said my patient was a "righteous man" who attended a local church, and was being "rewarded" for his faith.

In light of rececent events, I can't gainsay them. I can say that I've never heard of a spontaneous remission in a patient so close to death.

John Mallory said...

I picked a bad day to stop sniffin glue... or some other vice in the list. I forget the movie but those lines live on forever. My first stretch of clean living and good luck in a long time and this is what we get?

There are just too many ways to explain this and too many questions than I know how to ask. The "angels" "aliens" "supreme messengers" or what ever they are really puttin it on the line. Comply? Did they do any homework about the human race before droppin a toe in the dirt here?

Hey even if they are making a stand here in Southern Cali-Xico that doesn't mean they are gonna find us all. I almost got the bio-diesel rig ready to roll. Pulled out the desalination and purification kits and got me plenty of Zippos and fluid for the long haul. Living rough again. Game is still plentiful and I can always fish. Much more is just dead weight and If I haven't touched it in 6 months it's goin on the block. Better to sell it cheap or give it away than cart it all over hell's half acre.